Safety Grilles

Choose high quality Impact safety grilles for your Installation projects
Underground maintenance works are prone to many hazards and accident potential. Accidents can cause serious injuries and even death. Leaving the facility with inadequate protection from unauthorised access can be disastrous. Whether for residential, commercial, or municipal applications; keep safety paramount with Impact Grilles.

Impact Engineering is the preferred choice for councils, contractors and key merchants such as Hynds, Humes and Pipe & Infrastructure. Committed to innovative designs and superior quality, we provide reliable stainless steel grille products that saves you time and money.

For strength to withstand the test of time and the elements, all safety grilles are manufactured using Grade 316L stainless steel.
Impact grilles come with a patented ‘Expand and Lock’ component with a multi-fit feature for easy and fast installation.
Fitting requires no modification to the manhole castings.
All welds are passivated in an acid bath before final assembly and quality control for enhanced durability.
All manhole safety grilles are load tested up to 1000 kg– meets AS3996 Class A Load Classification Standard
A 2.5mm anti-theft cable is available and  comes standard to deter theft and vandalism while ensuring grille is re-installed before the lid is closed.

Stainless Safety Grille Product Lines

Our manhole protection grilles come in a variety of sizes to fit existing frames as well as the latest hinged lids and non-rock heavy-duty castings. We have developed a variety of grille specifications to meet the diverse requirements of manholes constructed over the last 60 years!

  • Maestro 600
  • Korum 600
  • Pamrex 600, 700, 800 & 900
  • Hynds – Light Duty & Heavy Duty
  • Humes 600 & Humes Light Duty
  • Accio
  • Non-Rock & Non-Rock HCC
  • Twino
  • Pamtight
  • Large rectangular and square grilles to fit any dimensions are also available

Custom Grills

Impact Engineering supplies 26 different “off the shelf” varieties. Manhole covers and grilles can also be retrofitted to specific requirements. We also specialise in non-circular, rectangular, or square grilles; heavy duty pumpstation grates; single lid to multi lids in a single frame; valve chambers and wet wells.

IMPACT has a separate and specialised manufacturing plant that can produce huge numbers of stainless grilles NZ to meet engineering requirements.

Find out more about our range of stainless steel safety grilles.